SUNS OUT BUNS OUT - 30 Day Summer Challenge

SUNS OUT BUNS OUT - 30 Day Summer Challenge

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Complete/Full program details will be sent directly to your email following your purchase. Please make sure to check ALL folders including (but not limited to) your spam/junk/promotions folders. If you notice the email hasn’t appeared please email or dm @imrocksolid_fitness for faster customer support.

*there are no exchanges or refunds, see refund policy for more info





*Modifications will be provided as needed.

-Pair of Dumbbells (2) Light for Upper + (1-2) Heavier for lower

-Booty Bands (light, medium, &/or heavy resistance)

-Ankle weights

-Jump rope

-Workout/Yoga type mat for comfort

-At least 5x5 feet of clear space for workouts


***Even if you do not have all recommended pieces of equipment, you will still be able to modify the workouts as needed & have EFFECTIVE INTENSE WORKOUTS.


Dedicate yourself over the next 30 days to taking your fitness routine to the next level! Our team is here to guide you every step of the way; assisting you with meal prep guidance, proper form, intense “all level” ready workouts & more. This program covers every aspect needed for a successful “buns & body” assault through body specific workouts, nutrition & cardio. When all three factors are combined & you’re consistent with the plan, your results will do all the talking for you! Summer is here, let’s keep our bodies looking top tier in and out of your clothes! The sun's out, so it's time to have our BUNS OUT.

All workouts include full length videos w/ clear voice over details by @imrocksolid_fitness. Voice overs breakdown of each exercise + personal modifications to make the exercise easier or more challenging.

Total/Full - Body circuits every training day to help enhance your buns, tone lower/upper body, decrease waistline, develop stronger core/abs + lean muscle; for more shape/curves in all your goal oriented areas. This program will also shed unwanted back fat + stubborn fat along the waistline with our “smart eating” customized nutrition plan.

1. What if I’m trying to “gain” weight?

The amazing truth about these programs is that no matter your personal body goal, these workouts, nutrition plan & program structure will help you no matter if you’re looking to “gain” or “shed more fat” than the next person. With any fitness plan it isn’t about adding FAT, & we can’t “spot target” a certain section of our bodies. That’s not how it works, but this will bring out the best shape and body for YOU. Stick to the plan & you will enjoy the results acquired within this program.

2. Can workouts be modified?

Whether you don’t have a certain piece of equipment like dumbbells for example, all workouts can be modified using another source or just simply using your body weight. Voice overs in each workout will give you the direction needed to modify every workout for your own use.

3. Is this for beginners?

Every program created by @imrocksolid_fitness will be a challenge no matter your fitness level. Beginners - Advanced will all be pushed each workout; will it be tough? Absolutely! But will you get the results you’re looking to achieve if you follow this program exactly how it’s created? Yes! Be prepared for the challenge because these results will not come easy.

4. Does this program come with a meal plan?

Yes, of course. A breakdown of your protein, complex carbs, vegetables & more will be given + a grocery/shopping list so you’ll know what to grab for your meal prep. Customizable meal plan options are given based on your personal diet preference (General, Vegan, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, etc.)

5. Can we use this program in the gym too?

Yes, all workouts can be taken and used wherever you like; including the gym too. All workouts included within this program can be 100% successfully modified and used in a gym setting.

6. Does the ebook erase after 30 days?

Once you receive your ebook through your email, please SAVE the pdf to your phone, desktop, ipad, etc. The email you receive will not be available forever, but if you save the ebook (for example) to your iBooks; you will have access to this ebook for as long as you wish. But if you delete the ebook, then of course the pdf will no longer be accessible.

7. I purchased program but didn’t receive it yet

Please make sure to check all folders in your email. A lot of the time your email security will think this is a “promotion or spam” so check your promotions folder first, that’s where it’s sent the majority of time. But also check your spam, junk, trash folders too. If your email server doesn’t have a promotions folder try opening your email through a different browser that has promotions folder access.

8. I’m not seeing results! What am I doing wrong? 

Results are not easy! Even though you’ve seen these crazy 30 day results, everyone is still different and reacts differently. The person that you see with the UNBELIEVABLE results more than likely followed the “healthy eating” guidelines, meal prepped weekly, performed their workout sets to the best of their abilities, didn’t eat (too many) cheat meals or consumed alcohol regularly, didn’t complain or make excuses, followed the program exactly how it was created, never skipped a workout and so on. But, if you want MORE results then you’ll have to dig deep and PUSH HARDER. Do more positive actions & we promise more positive results will come.

*once you purchase this plan there are no exchanges or refunds - no exceptions