Complete Video Breakdown

Every workout is personally created by IMRSF & thoroughly explains each movement in his online videos. All videos are accessible on your desktop or mobile device. Any 30 day plan can be modified for Gym or At Home usage to fit your individual needs

Nutrition & Motivation

Doesn’t matter if you love meat! or recently you’ve switched into a vegan lifestyle. All plans come with a nutrition program to fit every lifestyle and health option.

Our support team will be there to answer any questions throughout your next 30 days and ensures that you’re on the most effect path to your goals.

Accountability & Assurance

Our goal is to transform every individual who comes into this program! If you’re looking to gain more thickness or shed 15 lbs, we want to get you there! Your transformation pictures help us track these changes & our team will make sure to keep you accountable. IMRSF’s 30 Day formula and expertise = all goals will be achieved.


I want to definitely continue with more challenges after my 30 days.It has helped me tremendously! Thank you for offering this program. I am so ready for the next challenge.


I can completely feel and see a difference these 30 days have given me. So I decided to go for 3 more rounds. I want to be able to complete a full set of burpees (ha). Thank you again for putting this together

Amena Hamilton

Hi IMRSF! Thank you for creating this program and pushing us all to push through our insecurities, self doubt, and most importantly... our excuses! 

Loridana McLeod

Just wanted to express how happy I am with my results! Thanks for designing a challenge that provided me the tools to put forth my best effort. It’s what I needed to get started! I’m sure the competition is steep but I truly feel like I already won!

Marissa Moore

First, I wanted to say that your challenge was awesome. I did this more for myself than the challenge with everyone else, but I must say I’m so happy about the results that I see in such a short time. Since I want to become a personal trainer I feel like I just needed to know what it takes to really commit to yourself and discipline yourself and this challenge definitely helped me. Nothing but positive feedback about your challenge from me! I’m a happy client. I look good and I definitely feel great! Thank you!

Adelina V.